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Corporate Citizenship Project Examples

In line with our values, we strive to make a contribution to the welfare of the communities in which we operate, and to create additional benefit for society. Our corporate citizenship activities focus on environment, education, health, culture & sports, and humanitarian aid.

Hamburg, Germany (2020) Environment

Our forest at Tree-Nation

Group-wide Afforestation Project: Marquard & Bahls and Its Operating Units Jointly Committed to Afforestation Activities Worldwide

One hundred motivated Oiltanking employees worked hard and supported the Life Pletera Project.

Spain (2019) Environment

Oiltanking Social Activity

Wildlife Conservation and Renaturation Actions as Part of the Agenda of the Oiltanking Annual Conference

Exhausted but happy - new fruit trees at the Nanjing site

Nanjing, China (2018) Environment

"Day of the Tree" Event

Many New Fruit Trees Planted at the Nanjing Site

About 50 Oiltanking employees helped clean up the coast of Daya Bay (2016)

Daya Bay, China (2016-2017) Environment

Beach Cleanups in Daya Bay

Oiltanking Employees and Their Families Engage in Marine Environmental Protection Activities in Daya Bay

Financial Support for a Wide Range of Social and Environmental Projects

Kotka & Kotka South, Finland (2017) Environment

Terminals in Kotka Donate to Charity

Financial Support for a Wide Range of Social and Environmental Projects

Oiltanking Employees Provide Birth Assistance to Sea Turtle Babies

Açu Port, Brasilien (2016) Environment

Schutz von Meeresschildkröten

Oiltanking Employees Provide Birth Assistance to Sea Turtle Babies

Oiltanker celebrated the "World Environment Day" and liberated “their” spot from rubbish and garbage

Durban, South Africa (2016) Environment

Environmental Campaign “Adopt a Spot”

Oiltanking Employees Help to Clean Up the Port Area in Durban by “Adopting a Spot”

Oiltanking initiated a battery collection campaign as part of an environmental campaign

Sohar, Oman (2012-2015) Environment

Oiltanking Battery Collection Campaigns

Staff Initiate Collection Campaigns for Environmentally Sound Recycling of Batteries

Oiltanking employees cleaned up a beach near the tank terminal

Cartagena, Colombia (2015) Environment

Clean-up Actions to Mark World Environment Day

Oiltanking Employees Take Action against Pollution of the Oceans and Beaches

This cleaning campaign was part of an environmental program

Cartagena, Colombia (2015) Environment

Collaborative Cleaning Campaign

Oiltanking Employees and 20 School Kids Clean up Together Streets and Parks in Bellavista

Annual beach cleanup in Galveston Bay, Texas

Texas City, USA (2006-2015) Environment

Annual Beach Cleanups

Oiltanking Texas City Employees Take Part in Beach Cleanup in Galveston Bay

World Water Day canoe trip in Vitória, Brazil

Vitória, Brazil (2014) Environment

World Water Day Canoe Trip

Oiltanking Vitória Employees Helped Organize an Environmental Campaign