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Corporate Citizenship Project Examples

In line with our values, we strive to make a contribution to the welfare of the communities in which we operate, and to create additional benefit for society. Our corporate citizenship activities focus on environment, education, health, culture & sports, and humanitarian aid.

IOT Opens New Open-Air Fitness Area for Villagers in India

Dhutum, India (2019) Culture & Sports

Open-Air Fitness Area

IOT Opens New Open-Air Fitness Area for Villagers in India

Hamburg, Germany (since 2004) Culture & Sports

Running for the “Kinder helfen Kindern” Initiative

Charity Run through the HafenCity with Employees from Various Subsidiaries

Running along the shore in Singapore

Singapore (2017-2018) Culture & Sports

Charity Run “Run for Hope”

Oiltanking Employees Run to Support Cancer Research

Wishes come true: The Sinterklaas celebration brought joy to employees’ children and terminally ill kids

Antwerp, Belgium (2017) Culture & Sports

Wishes come true – Sinterklaas Celebration

Oiltanking Employees Celebrate a Festive Sinterklaas Ceremony for Children in Need

Thanks to the donation, pupils from socially disadvantaged backgrounds were well equipped for the new school year

Sohar, Oman (2017) Culture & Sports

Schoolbag Project

More than 200 Schoolbags for Omani Kids

The trophy being presented to the Al Salam team

Sohar, Oman (2017) Culture & Sports

Soccer Camp

Donation Campaign for a Football Camp in Oman

The new soccer shirts put a smile on the childrens faces

Vitória, Brazil (2017) Culture & Sports

Associação Esportiva e Social de Paul

Oiltanking Vitória Supports Local Soccer Team

Houston, USA (2014) Culture & Sports

Cycle Race for Multiple Sclerosis Research

Oiltanking Employees Take Part in the Cycling Race Organized by National Multiple Sclerosis

 50 Oiltanking employees gave their all in the 10-mile run 50 Oiltanking employees gave their all in the 10-mile run

Antwerp, Belgium (since 2009) Culture & Sports

Ten-Mile Marathon in Aid of Cancer Research

Oiltanking Employees Participate in 10 Miles & Marathon in Antwerp

IOT and Oiltanking employees persevered for a good cause on the Oxfam Trailwalker

Mumbai, India (2015-2016) Culture & Sports

Oxfam Trailwalker

IOT and Oiltanking Employees Join a 100-km Charity Race for Oxfam

Ready to run: Oiltankers and their families gather for the Beach to Bay Charity Run

Houston, USA (2016) Culture & Sports

Beach to Bay Charity Run

Oiltanking Employees and Their Families Join the Beach to Bay Run

The choir has already earned numerous accolades performing at public events in the city and environs

Punta Alta, Argentina (2015-2016) Culture & Sports

Sponsorship of a Children's Choir

Oiltanking Ebytem S.A. sponsors the Children’s Choir in Punta Alta, Argentina