Strategic Approach

Strategic Approach

We believe in developing partnerships and aspire to be the preferred partner for professional storage and logistic services.

We pursue sustainable growth through expansion of existing facilities, construction of new terminals, and acquisitions in markets with continued growth in petroleum products, petrochemicals and refrigerated gas.

We Can, We Care

We foster an entrepreneurial spirit with a decentralised management structure, and a can-do mentality by empowering people to make the right decisions. 

We care for our people by helping them develop the right skills and capabilities, and offer continuous training to achieve the best possible results.

We Focus On

Operational Excellence
We pursue continuous improvement of assets and workflows through collaboration and exchange of ideas with internal and external stakeholders add value to all parties.

Safety Leadership
We are committed to performing all business activities in a safe and efficient manner. Our goal is to prevent all accidents, injuries and occupational illness.

Environmental Protection
We want to make every effort to protect the environment as we conduct our business activities. We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint.

Human Resources
Our industry involves a broad range of qualifications, skills and expertise. We employ the best talents. Because our work environment, the markets, and the technology are constantly changing, we have to keep learning completely new things as well, and therefore support our employees through adequate training programs.