Ethics & Compliance

We are committed to high ethical standards and to conducting our business and operations in an ethical and a compliant manner.  Therefore, we have set up an ethics and compliance framework with instruments and procedures that guide our employees and external stakeholders in dealing with compliance risks.

Compliance Management System

Our compliance management system is aligned with applicable laws, regulations, and Oiltanking’s internal standards. With this system, we want to create and preserve a sound ethics and compliance culture within Oiltanking. The tasks of the Ethics & Compliance Department include identifying compliance risks, developing appropriate compliance programs, and implementing them through practical measures such as training. The focus is on the prevention of corruption, bribery, and money laundering, as well as on competition law, supply chain compliance, and sanction-related topics.

Ethics & Compliance Charter and Policies

The Ethics & Compliance Charter defines the fundamental principles, roles, and responsibilities of the Ethics & Compliance Department as well as its relationship with the Supervisory Board, CEO, Senior Management, and the business and operational functions. In addition, to set high internal standards, the Ethics & Compliance department has established a framework of Policies and Procedure on compliance issues.

Reporting Misconduct

At Oiltanking, we foster a work environment in which our employees and external stakeholders are empowered and able to speak up safely about any unethical or unlawful behaviors.

As a general rule, concerns should be reported and handled locally. However, when this channel (for any reason) is not appropriate, Oiltanking has an externally operated Ethics & Compliance “Speak Up Line”, available to all Oiltanking’s internal and external stakeholders. Reports can be made in multiple languages, 24/7, online or via telephone hotline. Though we recommend that you disclose your identity when making a report to facilitate an efficient investigation and a quick resolution, you can always choose to report anonymously. For all reports made in good faith, Oiltanking will undertake all necessary measures to protect a whistleblower against any sort of retaliation.

To report any unlawful or unethical acts, please visit


Ethics & Compliance
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