Water Saving Projects

Water Saving Projects

Water is a precious resource whose value becomes even more evident in view of climate change and the droughts it has brought, especially in the poorest countries of the world.

Some of our sites are located in regions that are already affected by water shortages or water stress. To identify and address corporate water risks and derive counter-measures, the corporate HSSE & Sustainability department started to use the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) global water tool in 2017.

At our tank terminals, we use fresh water for cleaning tanks, hydrostatic tank testing, heating products, and the sanitary facilities in the offices. It is an important concern for us to use the water required for our operational processes efficiently and to minimize our negative impact on water quality. Many of our sites have taken dedicated steps to reduce their water consumption.

For example, a water retention basin at the Raipur terminal of IOT in India ensures the water supply even during the dry season and helps to significantly reduce the drinking water consumption. On the Oiltanking terminal in Singapore (OTCS), a closed loop potable water cooling system, where water is recycle back to a holding tank after cooling down the pumps, was installed on Propylene and Butadiene pumps. On average, the water savings due to this installation amounts to approximately 600 m³ per month. The closed loop cooling system can run independently even if there is any potable water disruption, making operations even more stable and reliable. 

Next to these examples the aspect of water saving is included whenever new equipment is being purchased.