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Worldwide Blood Drives Are Organized

Giving Blood Around the Globe

Blood is life-saving, but is only available in small supplies. In order to reduce this shortage, blood donation campaigns have been carried out at the Hamburg headquarters of Marquard & Bahls and at our locations worldwide since 2010. For example, in 2010, our employees willingly donated blood during the annual Health Week at the IOT construction project in Haryana in Panipat, India. Oiltanking Asia-Pacific organized a blood donation campaign at the tank terminal in Singapore for the first time in 2011, in which many employees took part. In 2017, blood donation campaigns were organized at the IOT tank terminal in Goa, India, and at the Oiltanking tank terminal in Sohar, Oman.  In 2019, employees at several locations demonstrated the courage to donate their blood: More than 40 employees in Hamburg and almost 70 Oiltanking employees and contractors at the Karimun and Sangatta sites in Indonesia donated their blood to help meet the needs in their region.

Oiltanking Asia-Pacific blood donation campaign Oiltanking Asia-Pacific blood donation campaign