A Journey Through Time: Milestones of Success

May 1990

Opening of the New Company Headquarters on Admiralitätstraße

The new Marquard & Bahls headquarters The new Marquard & Bahls headquarters

As of May 4, 1990, all Hamburg employees work under a shared roof. This day has been long in the making: First the former state employment agency’s building was purchased in 1987, then building plans had to be drawn up and approved before the actual building could finally begin. In February 1989, the extension and conversion work began. Except for the exterior walls, some sections of the glass façade, and the ceilings, the building was completely demolished before the builders could make the necessary changes and add a new top floor. And it didn't stop there: a complete technological overhaul took place, in which kilometers of electrical, telephone and computing cable were laid, and heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems were installed. All this was before the interior construction could get underway: dividing walls were put up, ceilings lowered and windows and doors were put in place. Fifteen months later, the offices are now ready for move-in. Besides shortening communications paths, the shared building is expected to strengthen the feeling of belonging to one group.