A Journey Through Time: Milestones of Success

October 2002

Start of the New Pipeline System of Oiltanking in Argentina

October 15, 2002 is the big day: Oiltanking celebrates the inauguration of the new pipeline system in Argentina with business partners, friends and employees. The new facility, located near the city of Brandsen in the province of Buenos Aires, includes a 60,000 cbm crude oil tank terminal, a pump station with a daily throughput of up to 20,000 cbm, and a 167km-long pipeline that links the new terminal with the Esso Refinery in Campana. Furthermore, the existing Oiltanking tank terminal near Puerto Rosales is now connected to the new terminal in Brandsen as well as the Esso Refinery.

The pipeline is 55 cm in diameter and 167km long, making it the longest pipeline operated by Oiltanking in its current worldwide logistical network.

In view of the difficult political and economic situation in Argentina, many companies are leaving the country, or at least toying with the idea. Oiltanking, however, is sticking to its decision to remain active in the country, and plans to continue pursuing interesting projects in Argentina and other Latin American countries.