ISCC Certification

PT Oiltanking Karimun Becomes First Terminal in Oiltanking Global Network to Be ISCC Certified

ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) is an independent multi-stakeholder organization responsible for the development, surveillance, revision and continuous improvement of the ISCC certification system.

The ISCC certification system is globally applicable and covers all sustainable feedstocks, including agricultural and forestry biomass, bio-based and circular materials, and renewables. With currently over 4,000 valid certificates in more than 100 countries, ISCC is among the world’s largest certification systems. 

An ISCC certification is required to demonstrate compliance with the legal sustainability requirements specified in the European Commission’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and Fuel Quality Directive (FQD).

PT Oiltanking Karimun has been active in the biofuels market since late 2018, when it started storing Palm Methyl Esther (PME) for one of its customers and subsequently began shipping the product to the EU market, e.g. Spain; it did so mainly through the customers’ ISCC certifications. 

In view of improving its sustainability efforts and contributions, and after months of preparation and completion of stringent audit process, PT Oiltanking Karimun finally received its own ISCC Certification with effect from January 28, 2020 (Certificate number: EU-ISCC-Cert-ID218-20200010) 

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