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Cartagena, Colombia (2019) | Education

Oiltanking engineers in Colombia put their skills to work for the community as well

Renovation of a community centre

Oiltanking Colombia is proud to have participated in the renovation of the auditorium of the municipality of Pasacaballos, a community adjacent to the terminal. Besides providing a small amount of financial support for the purchase of electrical equipment and the installation of air conditioning, our tank terminal staff mainly assisted with their expertise. The project involved real teamwork: The people in the community, Oiltanking's volunteer engineers, and the Mamonal Foundation, of which Oiltanking is a member, helped give the auditorium a new lease of life.

On August 9, 2019, the renovated auditorium was inaugurated with a colorful and artistic ceremony. Thus, a worthy place was created for the community of Pasacaballos to hold its most important events and meetings.

Oiltanking engineers supported the work with their experience Oiltanking engineers supported the work with their experience