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Mexico City, Mexico (2019) | Education

Marquard & Bahls Supports the SOS Children's Village in Mexico City

Support for SOS Children’s Villages

In keeping with a cherished tradition and in line with our commitment to improve the wellbeing of our surrounding communities, Marquard & Bahls annually supports an international aid project with the sum of 100,000 euros instead of giving holiday season presents. In 2019, the donation went to the SOS Children's Village in Mexico City.

Mexico City is a city of extreme contrasts: In one of the most important financial centers thousands of families in Mexico live in slums. Looking for work and of a promising future, many of these families are still considered to be internal migrants - even today. The reality of these families often looks very arduous: inadequate food supplies, lack of access to sanitation and a life among inhumane people conditions. Especially the children of these families are at risk: Many drop out of school, have to work or get involved in criminal activity.

The SOS Children's Village Mexico City, which opened in 1971, offers around 90 children, from different parts of Mexico a protected home in security and care. In the family group, these children often learn for the first time what it means to trust each other and to be able to rely on each other and to live through a regular daily routine. The SOS Children’s village in Mexico City relies on corporate donation of 100,000 Euro to cover the running costs. Besides to the 90 children in the village, the money would be used to cover the expenses to care for additional 44 young people in the SOS Youth Program.

The SOS Children Village is home to about 90 children in Mexico City ©Photo: Jose Gallo