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90 Employees Participated in the Christmas Fundraising Campaign

Take a Wish

For the fourth year in a row, our employee campaign “Take a Wish” took place over the Christmas period. 90 employees contributed over 6,675 euros to make many small wishes come true from Hamburg project partners that included children, the homeless and refugees. Our employees organized dolls, games, diaries and wooden cars for socially disadvantaged children as well as selected toys for RAPSI, a newly-opened daycare center for chronically ill children. Homeless people were supported by our employees not only with hygiene sets, articles of winter clothing and Christmas cookies, but also with numerous donations of sleeping mats and sleeping bags. Young people with refugee backgrounds starting out in their working lives wished for safety shoes so that they could accept relevant internships. This year, everything was different: Due to Corona, the donations went directly to the eight aid organizations.

Marquard & Bahls quadrupled the corporate matching sum in this extraordinary year 2020 to around 27,000 euros. Which three of the eight proposed projects were supported with this additional sum was entirely up to our employees, who were able to vote online. The result: 9,000 euros each went to Kids Welcome for toy bags for children in refugee shelters, to ArztMobil Hamburg for medicines and packed lunches for the homeless, and to Kinderlotse for a vacation camp for sick children and their siblings.

See for yourself how happy not only Kinderlotse, but all our Take-a-Wish partners are about their gifts - watch the film!

video of the year 2019


The ArztMobil Hamburg, a team of doctors, nurses and other helpers, provides needy patients with medical care and other relief supplies on weekends and holidays. Our employees donated hygiene sets, underwear and socks as well as sleeping mats and sleeping bags for this purpose.