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Corporate Citizenship Project Examples

In line with our values, we strive to make a contribution to the welfare of the communities in which we operate, and to create additional benefit for society. Our corporate citizenship activities focus on environment, education, health, culture & sports, and humanitarian aid.

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Hamburg, Germany (2020) Group-wide Afforestation Project: Marquard & Bahls and Its Operating Units Jointly Committed to Afforestation Activities Worldwide Details
Spain (2019) Wildlife Conservation and Renaturation Actions as Part of the Agenda of the Oiltanking Annual Conference Details
Terneuzen, The Netherlands (2020) Oiltanking Terneuzen is a Participant in “Light on Demand” Details
Nanjing, China (2018) Many New Fruit Trees Planted at the Nanjing Site Details
Brazil, China and India (since 2011) Employees, their Families and Contractors Plant Tree Seedlings on the Grounds of Various Company Sites Details
Kotka & Kotka South, Finland (2017) Financial Support for a Wide Range of Social and Environmental Projects Details
Birzebugga, Malta (2017) Oiltanking Malta Donates 5.000 Euro for Turtle Rehab Program Details
Açu Port, Brazil (2016) Oiltanking Employees Provide Birth Assistance to Sea Turtle Babies Details
Puerto Bahía, Colombia (2016) Oiltanking Employees Help Clean Up Mangrove Forest Near Puerto Bahia Terminal Details
Daya Bay, China (2016-2017) Oiltanking Employees and Their Families Engage in Marine Environmental Protection Activities in Daya Bay Details
Durban, South Africa (2016) Oiltanking Employees Help to Clean Up the Port Area in Durban by “Adopting a Spot” Details
Texas City, USA (2006-2015) Oiltanking Texas City Employees Take Part in Beach Cleanup in Galveston Bay Details
Sohar, Oman (2012-2015) Staff Initiate Collection Campaigns for Environmentally Sound Recycling of Batteries Details
Cartagena, Colombia (2015) Oiltanking Employees Take Action against Pollution of the Oceans and Beaches Details
Cartagena, Colombia (2015) Oiltanking Employees and 20 School Kids Clean up Together Streets and Parks in Bellavista Details
Cartagena, Colombia (2014) Water Shortages and Saving Water Is Discussed at Conferences and in Videos Details
Vitória, Brazil (2014) Oiltanking Vitória Employees Helped Organize an Environmental Campaign Details
Cartagena, Colombia (2013) Employees, Contractors and Schoolchildren from the Community Clean Up and Tend a Park Details
Asia-Pacific Region (2012) For an Hour, All Non-Essential Lights at the Tank Terminals Were Switched Off Details
Puerto Rosales, Argentina (2012) Funding the Construction of a Veterinary Inspection Station for Endangered and Injured Animals Details
Matarani, Peru (2010) LQS Employees Train Students in Waste Separation and Recycling Details
India, nationwide (2020) Our Christmas Donation Strengthens Youth Employability in India Details
Mexico City, Mexico (2019) Marquard & Bahls Supports the SOS Children's Village in Mexico City Details
Tema, Ghana (2018) Marquard & Bahls Supports the SOS International College in Tema, Ghana Details
Chiclayo, Peru (2017) Marquard & Bahls Supports the SOS Children's Village in Chiclayo, Peru Details
Vitória, Brazil (2017) Learning Better Together: Our Employees Discuss Ethics with Students Details
Hamburg, Germany (since 2016) Employees Volunteer as Conversation Trainer, Mentors and English Tutors for Refugees Details
Hamburg, Germany (2017) Oiltanking Employees Visit Schools and Teach Kids About Fire Prevention Details
Cape Town & Durban, South Africa (since 2015) Oiltanking in Cape Town and Durban Supports Young Students with the Vhukoni Scholarship Details
Puerto Rosales, Argentina (since 2011) Material and Cash Donations to Support Local NGOs, Schools and Hospitals Details
Baroda, India (since 2011) Employee-Initiated School Programs and Grants Details
Cartagena, Colombia (2014, 2016 & 2019) Employees Receive Tips from Experts on Mindfully Dealing with Family Finances Details
Aliaga, Turkey (2016) IOT-VITO (IVT) Supports Various Schools in the Neighborhood of Aliaga Details
Mumbai, India (2016) IOT Employees Donate and Engage for the Provision of School Kits Details
Colón, Panama (2015-2016) Oiltanking Panama Organizes Tutoring and Creativity Lessons for Children Details
Colón, Panama (2015-2016) Oiltanking Launches an Employment Program for Local Women in Colón Details
Antwerp, Belgium (2015) “I Love Chemistry” Open House at Oiltanking Stolthaven Antwerp Details
Cartagena, Colombia (2015) Oiltanking Cartagena Organizes Drawing Contest and Presentations at Schools on World Water Day Details
Puerto Escondido, Panama (2015) Marquard & Bahls Supports the SOS Children‘s Village in Puerto Escondido Details
Tryavna, Bulgaria (2014) Caring for Children and Preparing Teens to Enter the Working World Details
Birzebbuga, Malta (2014) Oiltanking Malta Supports Healthy Nutrition for Students at Local School Details
Vitória, Brazil (2014) 530 Teens Were Able to Improve their Computer Skills Details
Vitória, Brazil (2013) Food Waste Was Addressed as Part of World Environment Day Details
Sekhukhune & Qwa Qwa, South Africa (2013) Marquard & Bahls' Donation Secures Annual Funding for Two SOS Children's Villages Projects in South Africa Details
Hungary & Argentina (2013) Oiltanking and Mabanaft Support Children and Adults with Disabilities Details
Birzebbuga, Malta (2013) 600 Children Enjoy Books and Reading Events Details
Tianjin, China (2012) Donation of Marquard & Bahls Enables 138 Children from SOS Children's Village to Attend School or Vocational Training Details
Cartagena, Colombia (2019) Oiltanking Colombia Supports the "Back to Smile" Program Details
Colombia, India and Others (since 2010) Worldwide Blood Drives Are Organized Details
Denmark, North America & Bulgaria (since 2013) Locations Support Local NGOs in the Fight Against Cancer Details
Terneuzen, Netherlands (2017) Oiltanking Terneuzen Donates for Childhood Cancer Research in the Netherlands Details
Houston, United States (2017) Oiltanking Employees Help Renovate a Horse Farm Details
Matarani, Peru (2016) Health Campaigns in the Community Nearby the Oiltanking Terminal in Matarani Details
Sohar, Oman (2016) Oiltanking Supports the Fight Against Drug Addiction in Oman Details
Cartagena, Colombia (2014) Oiltanking Cartagena Renovates Restrooms for Schools Details
Joliet, USA (2013) Oiltanking Joliet Matches Employee Donations to Charities Details
Chennai & Navghar, India (2012-2013) IOT Organizes Health Camps on Eye and Dental Health in Communities and Schools Details
New Delhi, India (2011) Corporate Donation by Marquard & Bahls Funds a Generator to Cool Blood Reserves Details
Peru, Brazil, Colombia (2010) Marquard & Bahls Donation Makes First Aid Courses Possible in the Three-Country Triangle of Peru, Brazil and Colombia Details
Dhutum, India (2019) IOT Opens New Open-Air Fitness Area for Villagers in India Details
Singapore (2017-2018) Oiltanking Employees Run to Support Cancer Research Details
Antwerp, Belgium (2017) Oiltanking Employees Celebrate a Festive Sinterklaas Ceremony for Children in Need Details
Vitória, Brazil (2017) Oiltanking Vitória Supports Local Soccer Team Details
Sohar, Oman (2017) More than 200 Schoolbags for Omani Kids Details
Amsterdam, Netherlands (2017) Oiltanking Amsterdam Holds Festive Sinterklaas Celebration as Part of the Traditional Christmas Fundraising Campaign Details
Sohar, Oman (2017) Donation Campaign for a Football Camp in Oman Details
Antwerp, Belgium (since 2009) Oiltanking Employees Participate in 10 Miles & Marathon in Antwerp Details
Punta Alta, Argentina (2015-2016) Oiltanking Ebytem S.A. sponsors the Children’s Choir in Punta Alta, Argentina Details
Mumbai, India (2015-2016) IOT and Oiltanking Employees Join a 100-km Charity Race for Oxfam Details
Hamburg, Germany (since 2004) Charity Run through the HafenCity with Employees from Various Subsidiaries Details
Puerto Bahia, Colombia (2016) Oiltanking Employees Participate in Peace March for Living in Harmony Details
Houston, USA (2016) Oiltanking Employees and Their Families Join the Beach to Bay Run Details
Terneuzen, Netherlands (for many years) Oiltanking Sponsors Cultural Events in the Region Details
The Netherlands & Belgium (2015) Oiltanking Employees Ride from Amsterdam to Antwerp for Cancer Research Details
Texas City, USA (2015) Oiltanking Employees Run Charity Marathon for Victims of Domestic Violence Details
Houston, USA (2014) Oiltanking Employees Take Part in the Cycling Race Organized by National Multiple Sclerosis Details
Hamburg, Germany (2020) Marquard & Bahls Participates in "Hamburg packt's zusammen" Details
Hamburg, Germany (since 2017) 90 Employees Participated in the Christmas Fundraising Campaign Details
Vitória, Brazil (2019) Recycling Socks and Making Winter Warmer Details
Matola, Mozambique (2019) Oiltanking Matola Helps to Load 14,000 Tons of Aid Supplies Details
Antwerp, Belgium (2017) Employees in Stolthaven Antwerp Support the Reuse of Resources Details
Houston, United States (2017) Oiltanking Employees Serve Hot Lunches to Schoolchildren in Houston Details
Vitória, Brazil (2017) Oiltanking Vitória Supports the Casa do Menino Financially Details
Durban, South Africa (2017) Warm Blankets for Little South-African Cancer Fighters Details
Cartagena, Colombia (2017) Cartagena Employees Visit the Local Children‘s Hospital Details
Vitória, Brazil (2017) Oiltanking Vitória Donates Toys for Children in Need Details
Cape Town, South Africa (2017) Oiltanking Employees Help to Pack more than Two Million Meals to Address Child Hunger Details
Cartagena, Colombia (since 2015) Oiltanking Cartagena Visits Nursing Homes as Part of the Project “Golden Years” Details
Quinta das Lapas, Portugal (2017) 120 Employees Refurbish a Center for People with Addictive Disorders Details
Daya Bay, China (2016-2017) Oiltankers from the Daya Bay Terminal Pay Their Respects to the Elder Generation Details
Hamburg, Germany (2017) Oiltanking Hamburg Waltershof Supports "alsterarbeit" Employees by Purchasing Bicycles Details
Cape Town, South Africa (2016) Oiltanking Grindrod Calulo Holds a Christmas Party for the Children of Revelle Christine Details
Durban & Cape Town, South Africa (2016) Oitanking Grindrod Calulo Joins Nelson Mandela Day, Prepares Hot Soup for Surrounding Communities Details
Durban, South Africa (2016) Oiltanking Grindrod Calulo Helps to Raise Awareness for the Global Problem of Human Trafficking Details
Hamburg, Germany (2016) Marquard & Bahls Starts an Employee Campaign for Refugees Details
Cape Town, South Africa (2015) Oiltanking Employees Visit the Childcare Facility Sibongile in Cape Town Details
Varna, Bulgaria (2014) Oiltanking Bulgaria Supports Residents after Heavy Floods Details
Singapore (2014) Oiltanking and Mabanaft Employees Help Distribute Meals at Soup Kitchens Details
Cartagena, Colombia (2014) Oiltanking Employees Take Part in Joyful March through Cartagena for Children's Rights Details
South Africa (2013) Thanks to the Corporate Donation by Marquard & Bahls, SOS Family Aid Can Support nearly 1,500 People Details
India (2013) Staff Distribute More than 500 kg of Supplies to Affected Families Details
Punta Alta, Argentina (2011) Donation of 1,900 Liters of Diesel Fuel to Help Local Volunteer Fire Department Details
Colombia (2010) Oiltanking Donates nearly Two Tons of Food to the Colombian Red Cross Details