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Oiltanking Acquires Antwerp Gas Terminal N.V., Belgium

July 2016

Oiltanking Acquires Antwerp Gas Terminal N.V., Belgium

Oiltanking acquires 100% of shares in Antwerp Gas Terminal N.V., Belgium, enhancing its position as a leading global independent storage partner for gases. Antwerp Gas Terminal N.V. is one of Europe’s largest independent LPG and petrochemical gas terminals. The terminal is located in one of Europe’s largest harbors, the Port of Antwerp, which connects the site with the most important chemical and petrochemical clusters while also providing direct access to the North Sea.

The terminal, with existing capacity of 138,400 cbm, has ideal logistical links: it provides deep-water access (that can be further deepened), as well as pipeline, waterway, rail and road connectivity. The site complies with the highest quality and safety standards.

As part of the acquisition, Oiltanking will focus on further expanding the terminal, in the process combining the long years of operational experience and professionalism of both organizations.