We offer different training programs in collaboration with our parent company Marquard & Bahls:

Office Administrator

Office administrators have a talent for organization and are involved in general administration, operational accounting, bookkeeping, payroll accounting or house management. They process texts and data, handle taxation and insurance matters, issue invoices and monitor payments, not to mention offering invaluable support in purchasing and sales.

You will be trained as an office administrator at our headquarters in the heart of Hamburg, where you will get to know our international company through placements in different departments.  more

Harbor Logistics Specialist

Harbor logistics specialists are in charge of the turnover of goods and merchandise at the harbor. They control the cargo, plan further transport, take care of the correct storage of goods and prepare shipping documents. You are trained as a harbor logistics specialist at our Oiltanking terminal at Hamburg Harbor / Blumensand. Here you learn all you need to know about the distribution of mineral oil products – by barge, tank wagon or fuel tank truck – and about how to deal with “liquid substances” correctly. In this profession, your day-to-day work is all about movement and variety.  more


Human Resources

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