A Journey Through Time: Milestones of Success

September 1972

Pooling of the Tank Terminals in Oiltanking GmbH

Until recently each tank terminal has been a separate legal entity, for example, the Karlsruhe Tanklager GmbH & Co, the Tanklager GmbH & Co KG in Frankfurt etc. This is all about to change. The tank terminals belonging to Mabanaft Nord and managed by Mr. Weitler are combined into Oiltanking GmbH. The combination is hoped to accelerate processing and improve the flow of information. It will also allow the company to present a common front to the customers. In Germany and in neighbouring countries, Oiltanking's own tank terminals have a capacity of approx. 1 million cubic metres, to which leased tank space of approx. 700,000 cbm can be added. The aim is to diversify by expanding storage capacity and to lease about half the capacity to third parties.

The company, headed by Mr. de Witt, is structured into three main areas: commercial, technical and operative. The commercial division, which looks after leasing out tank space, making acquisitions, and producing market analyses, would be run from Hamburg. Any tasks relating to the construction or maintenance of tank terminals would come under the responsibility of the technical division. This included acquiring land and making proposals for new tank terminals. In Karlsruhe, any questions concerning technical matters would be taken care of. The operative division included tank storage management along with managing the necessary staff.