A Journey Through Time: Milestones of Success

November 1990

New Tank Terminal in Singapore

Construction of the new tank terminal in Singapore Construction of the new tank terminal in Singapore

The Singapore tank terminal has been in operation since July 1990. The actual construction took ten months. Once the various Singaporean authorities had approved the plans, construction on the 22-hectar site on the island of Pulau Seraya started in July 1989. Numerous tests were conducted to determine the composition of the soil both on land and on the seafloor. Once the subsoil had been cleared and levelled, nearly 80,000 cbm of sand was transported to the island from the mainland. This was a vital element in the construction of a stable foundation for the huge tank terminal. All building materials had to be delivered by ship. Once the site had been prepared and solid foundations built, construction of the tank terminal could begin. The landing stage was built at the same time as the tanks. To allow large ships with a draft of 50 feet to moor at the pier, 115,000 cbm of soil had to be dredged. The tanks now vary in size from 5,000 to 30,000 cbm and are designed to store gasoil, heavy oil, jet fuel, carburetor fuels, naphtha, and other petroleum products.

Singapore is the strategic centre for tank terminal storage in the Far East. Besides its excellent geographic location and modern infrastructure, Singapore promises exceptional economic potential. Its refinery center is ranked third in the world, with total capacity exceeding a million barrels per day.

The demand for tank space well and truly exceeds the company’s expectations. Oiltanking has therefore already given the green light for the second phase, which was originally planned for 1991. The rapid development of the Singapore location opens the way for further expansion of the terminal's capacity.