New LPG Terminal Built in Karlsruhe
A view of the pumps and the tanks at the Karlsruhe tank terminal

April 1980

New LPG Terminal Built in Karlsruhe

The Karlsruhe tanks are being constructed of an expensive, higher-grade steel to be able to withstand the pressure of expanding gases. As a result, these tanks cost ten times the price of tanks for other products. In addition, the Karlsruhe tanks are embedded in sand, to both cool and protect them.

It usually takes one year to build a tank terminal. Upon completion, the Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) comes to inspect and approve the construction. Depending on the hazard class, tanks are subject to building, equipment and operational regulations; in particular, fire, emission and groundwater protection requirements are to be observed.

Construction on the gas tank terminal in Karlsruhe has already begun. It has a pressure capacity of 16,000 cbm, and has been leased to BP long-term, thus ensuring its capacity utilization.