UBT Dupré Corpus Christi, LLC

4820 Navigation Blvd
Bulk Dock #6
Corpus Christi TX 78408

Phone:  +1-281-45 77-900
Fax:  +1-281-45 77-991

Marketing Contact
e-mail: moc.slanimretklubdetinu@itsirhcsuproc

Oiltanking Dupré Corpus Christi LLC operates a dry bulk terminal in South Texas. The joint venture operates in two major refineries providing petroleum coke and sulphur handling and truck loading services. Receiving, storage and shipping services are provided at four storage pads located in the Port of Corpus Christi Authority Bulk Material Dock facilities. The services provided are vital to the efficient operation of the refineries. The joint venture also offers material handling serivces for other dry bulk cargos within the port.

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Product handled

  • petroleum coke
  • coal
  • sulphur
  • other dry bulk cargos



  • Vessel loading and unloading
  • Product storage
  • Screening, crushing and top sizing
  • Unit train loading
  • Product logistics services


Storage Capacity

Total storage Capacity: 750,000 tons


Jetty Capacity

One vessel discharge dock using a mobile grab crane, and one vessel loadingdock using a belt fed radial ship loader.



  • vessel
  • barge
  • bulk truck
  • railcar