United Bulk Terminals Davant, LLC

14537 Highway 15
Davant Louisiana 70040

Phone:  +1-504-333-7400
Fax:  +1-504-682-1388

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e-mail: moc.slanimretklubdetinu@ofni

United Bulk Terminals Davant is one of the largest dry-bulk terminals in the United States. The facility is located on 1,134 acres (460 hectares) of land, at mile 55 on the Mississippi River south of New Orleans in Davant, Louisiana. UBT is the first dry bulk terminal inbound on the Gulf, which offers customers significant cost and time benefits by avoiding the logistical challenges of navigating ocean-going vessels through the congested New Orleans area.

UBT specializes in the handling of coal and petroleum coke and offers a full suite of ground-based service capabilities. Export product arrives via inland barge and is either transferred directly to an ocean vessel or put to storage on a soil cement pad. Unlike “midstream” operations, product being direct transferred is sent via the dock system through magnetic separators, and if the customer desires, can be mechanically sampled. The ability to offload and store dry bulk commodities gives customers the flexibility to manage market timing and product blending requirements. In addition, having significant ground storage availability allows vessels to be unloaded and reloaded quickly, minimizing port time and maximizing vessel turns.

The terminal also has over 900 acres (360 hectares) of developable land currently available for future expansions.

Please click here to read the Terminal Rules and Regulations of the facility.



  • Annual throughput of over 11 million tons
  • On-site storage capacity of 3.5 million tons
  • Accommodate vessels ranging in size from Handysize to Post-Panamax



  • Precision blending
  • Storage
  • Sampling
  • Transfer services



Loading/unloading capabilities

  • High capacity-handling systems with quick ship turnaround and reliable scheduling
  • Three miles of river frontage on MP55 with ample room for docking multiple vessels and barges
  • Three ocean vessels can be serviced simultaneously for loading and unloading

C System yard

  • 6,000 TPH stacker/reclaimer with 185' boom
  • 6,000 TPH continuous barge unloader
  • 6,000 TPH traveling shiploader with 1,030' of travel
  • Portable blending conveyors
  • Screening/crushing with prior coordination

D System yard

  • 4,200 TPH stacker/reclaimer
  • 3,000 TPH continous barge unloader
  • 4,840 TPH stationary shiploader (interconnecting to traveling shiploader)
  • Portable blending conveyors
  • Screening/crushing with prior coordination

No. 1 Dock

  • 6,000 TPH traveling shiploader with 1,030' of travel
  • 4,800 TPH stationary shiploader
  • Ship size:
    LOA - 800'
    Beam - 110'
  • Larger vessels accommodated with prior coordination

No. 2 Dock

  • 1,500 TPH traveling grab bucket crane
  • Grapple with 7 1/2 cubic yards and lift capacity of approx. 8 tons of shredded scrap
  • Ship size:
    LOA - 750'
    Beam - 105'
  • Larger vessels accommodated with prior coordination